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Podcast production checklist

A simple podcast production checklist.

Podcast creation

  • Define podcast theme, concept and format (interview, scripted non-fiction, news recap, educational, fiction…)
  • Choose podcast title
  • Write podcast description + tagline
  • Create a generic podcast artwork
  • Define podcasting category (choose from List of podcasting categories)
  • Create an account on a podcast hosting service
  • Create a template for podcast episodes shownotes
  • Create a template for podcast episodes artworks
  • Prepare broadcasting schedule
  • Prepare cue sheet template

Episode production


  • Preparation episode recording
    • Set a date
    • Book the guests / speakers
  • Preparation of the episode content
    • Research
    • Write cue sheet


  • Record episode
  • Take notes for shownotes (podcast description)


  • Editing the episode
    • Add intro
    • Add outro
    • Mix recording
  • Write episode description
  • Create episode artwork


  • Uploading and publishing the episode
    • Choose a title
    • Encode shownotes and other metadata
    • Upload episode
  • Sharing
    • Write copy for social media
    • Create promo video / audiogram