Seminar of digital democracy

Exploring the challenges for democracy in the digital age.

Welcome on this website! 👋

My name is Jonathan, I’m a nerdy political scientist turned entrepreneur, currently doing freelance consultancy on democratic innovation projects (which basically means that I’m working with political institutions in order to try and help them make democracy better).

I’ve been invited to teach at UCLouvain for this “seminar of digital democracy” and discuss that very passion of mine—at the crossroads of the three things I both love and hate the most: tech, media and politics—with a bunch of social science students. And I say “discuss” on purpose, because my teaching philosophy is that I’m not here to teach them anything, but I’m here to help them learn.

“Learning in public”

The purpose of this website is to apply the idea of the “build in public” movement to our teaching environment.

This website is then a place I created for the students enrolled in this seminar to share their thoughts, ideas and perspectives on the topics we’ll cover, gather resources for our discussions and for them to showcase their work somewhere on the Internet.